Top Five Reasons You Should Invest In Fleet Graphics

1.     Moving billboards – Build your business on the road with millions of brand-enhancing impressions

2.     Stand out in your market – You’ll reach your ever-growing audience with full vehicle wraps or vinyl graphics kit

3.     Customizable – The message emulates you, so you get the result that works for your company’s needs

4.     Look professional – Our industry-leading designers have the know-how to create custom-designed logos or use your existing identity, producing a dynamic package that takes your brand to the next level

5.     Creatively communicate – Your message plus our in-house design abilities equals a recipe creating high-impact graphic schemes

ONE more reason CG is the only graphics partner for your brand:  We’ve been successfully branding fleet vehicles for over 31 years.

And, there’s actually another reason to partner with CG Detroit — it’s called D.P.I. – Design, Production and Installation. Why is that important to you and your business? Efficiency, or in other words, together, we transform your fleet, your brand and your business all under one roof. We believe our concept-to-completion framework is the reason we continually deliver innovative marketing solutions, and why we have so many successful long-term partnerships. 

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