The Art of Installation

The final step to the finished product lies in the skilled hands of our 3M Certified Installers. Their extensive training consistently delivers the quality result you expect.

Our lead 3M Certified Installer, Brad Hauk, developed patience and hands-on skills from crafting at an early age. From latch hooking, canvas sewing, painting figurines, to woodworking, outlets of creativity fed his talents and helped him realize his true artistic potential.

And an art it is, especially the art of precision. Like a masterpiece has layers of paint, a full vehicle wrap has layers of transitions, from side to front to rear, and everything must line up correctly. Brad works closely with the account managers and art director to figure out the best plan of attack to make everything appear seamless. To know one’s material, lines, and transitions is a practice few have mastered, Brad has it down to a science that manifests as an incredible piece of art that makes your company look great, and in turn, builds your brand. 

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