Ten Years, Ten Insights: The TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® and CG Detroit® Partnership


What do you get when you combine an established graphics firm with a world-class moving company? A ten-year recipe for business growth and success. 2020 marks our decade-long partnership with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK and we thought we’d celebrate by reflecting on this milestone.




Sparty Speaks Volumes in Michigan

The story goes, in 2009, CG’s Amy Lauter, new to LinkedIn, was brainstorming potential clients. She found an MSU Alumni group page and threw out the question, “Does anyone on here have a need for vehicle graphics for their business? I am a Spartan alum and would love to work together.”



Right Time, Right Place

Successful partnerships don’t happen overnight, but sometimes you get fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time. As luck would have it, then CMO of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK was also part of the alumni page and responded quickly to the post and the truck was in motion.



Quality is Never an Accident

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK had been doing their graphics in-house and were used to a certain level of quality. But, they were a moving company, not a vehicle graphics business, so branching out was vital to their growth. After successful meetings at both TWO MEN AND A TRUCK’s corporate HQ in Lansing and CG in Farmington Hills, it was time for test graphics. Our motto is to exceed expectations, and with our high standard of excellence, the graphics were approved and the partnership formed.



Change is Vital to Success

With TWO MEN AND A TRUCK continuing to achieve year-over-year growth, we decided to streamline the way orders were placed. In 2015, we went from a form and faxing to launching the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Franchise Online Ordering Portal. This not only made the ordering process easier but also reduced turnaround time allowing us to get graphics in the franchisees’ hands quicker than ever before.  



Collaboration is Key

We never take our partners for granted and, on several occasions over the years have been invited to brainstorm with the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK team. It brings minds together and creates ideas to benefit both parties. Each group gets to focus on what they do best and it allows us to hear our client’s growth goals, and gives them a chance to see us help create their vision.



Change is Good

Junk isn’t just junk when it comes to a company that is constantly looking for ways to move forward. The announcement of junk removal was just what 2019 needed. It gave TWO MEN AND A TRUCK a new way to exceed customer expectations and CG a chance to create a design that brought a little color into a black and white world.



Relationships Matter

One of the key factors of any of the partner relationships with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is that you are able to have a presence at the same meetings the franchisees attend. Over the years, we’ve spent valuable time at these events collaborating with other vendor partners, as well as forming positive relationships with franchisees that are based on respect, cooperation and trust. We also listen to feedback so that we can make better decisions on how we do business.



Stay True to Your Values

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK operates with solid core values, which, they not only follow, but also invite vendor partners like us to share in. That makes the simple concept of creating graphics for a moving company a family affair — “Integrity: To always conduct oneself with honesty and fairness. Care: To have compassion for family, customers, co-workers and community. Inclusion: To welcome people from all backgrounds in the workplace and community.”




“To treat everyone the way you would want your Grandma to be treated.” Enough said.



Evolution is Necessary

Change is inevitable; our connection with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is strong but we understand we have to work hard to keep up our part. Knowing what really matters starts with the quality of the relationships we have, allowing us to see the people as vehicles to our success and theirs. We’re on this journey together and look forward to what’s around the corner. Cheers to a decade of great work!


For more information on TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, visit www.twomenandatruck.com.