Pratt Miller Engineering, Corvette Racing and CG Detroit®: 21 Years of a Winning Team

While Pratt Miller and Corvette Racing’s success is “written in the record books of racing,” CG Detroit® has been privileged to be the crew for over 20 years creating the race-winning graphics that we all love to see cross the finish line.


2019 was all hush-hush on the outside, but the insiders club was moving at 200MPH, getting the all-new C8.R ready for its racing debut in January 2020 at the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona. While the engineers at Pratt Miller worked closely with Corvette Racing – using their expertise to produce a performance icon – our team was collaborating to create the team make-over. With only the clay model available, our designers set out in early 2019 templating parts, creating layouts and engineering the innovative scheme to fit the revolutionary design of Corvette Racing’s mid-engine rebirth.


A strategic decision to run two different colors on the C8.R – silver and yellow – was a departure from years of both the #3 and #4 being yellow, but it created an opportunity for a reverse graphics scheme, which was met with rave reviews in late 2019. After the reveal, the cars were ready for testing, but now it was time for our crew to get down to the nuts and bolts. We were back at it collaborating with the brands to generate the overall team package – transporters, pit equipment, boom signs, tool boxes and the rest of the team’s support materials. It was a labor of love delivering the dynamic updated look and feel.

Success Ballast

Like the C8.R, the new scheme is everything we love about Corvette – bold colors, intricate detail and handcrafted tradition – encouraged by the past but rooted in the present. Through the years, our relationship with Pratt Miller and Corvette Racing consistently accelerates with their continued loyalty. Even though we tend to work unassumingly in the background, the constant trust we feel from our partners keeps us on the track to improve our performance to keep delivering quality-forward designs and graphics that demand attention.

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