Honoring Those Who Fight For Freedom: Matheson Celebrates Veterans

Commitment to excellence in service. Best in class quality. Dedication to community. Honor of legacy. CG Detroit is proud to have a roster of clients that embody not just one of these qualities, but all of them. One such client is Matheson Heating, Air and Plumbing.

In business since 1946, the Commerce Township-based company is known for their above and beyond attitude to serving its customers. “I know one of the things that really differentiates us is that we truly partner with our customers. We’re on the same team,” said Michael Matheson, President and CEO, Matheson Heating, Air and Plumbing. “We work together to get the results they need and want. Our customers know that we’ve got their backs no matter what comes.”


Michael and his team believe that although they need to make a living, it is their duty to watch out for those who may need extra help or not have the funds for critical items. This is particularly true during these bitter cold months. They work with Open Door Outreach Center in Waterford and Community Sharing Outreach Center in Highland to help families in need.  In the past, Matheson in partnership with their supplier Carrier Great Lakes have provided furnaces and repairs to veterans and their surviving families.

Michael holds a special place of honor and respect for those who dedicate their lives to serving our country often making the ultimate sacrifice. The company was started by his grandfather who was a Lieutenant in World War II, serving in Europe as a fighter pilot in the Army Air Corps. His grandfather, like so many, returned home from the war and had to find a way to make a living and support their families. He started the company in 1946 in what was, at the time, a remote, farm town.  Over the years the region has boomed and is now situated in one of the most thriving communities in the area. “Seventy years later we are very grateful for his dedication and sacrifice,” said Michael. “When he began it was a rough go to get the business started with many ups and downs along the way. There were many difficult years… My brothers and I our proud of his achievement and carry his dream forward.”

Unfortunately, Michael’s grandfather passed away in 1977 and was not able to see the success of his legacy. With that in mind, the Matheson family wanted to find a way to truly honor him and all others in military service. The company recently underwent a major re-branding to do just that and called on CG Detroit to wrap their fleet of service vehicles.

In early 2017, under the guidance and direction of Dan Antonelli and his team at KickCharge Creative they embarked on a complete rebrand of the company.  The new look and feel features an illustrated image of Michael’s grandfather in his uniform. The colors, fonts and styles are a perfect homage to the style of the 1940s and a reminder of what those who fought endured has allowed so many of us the life of freedom we live today. The honor doesn’t stop there. The team’s fleet has been named not in a traditional truck numbering manner but rather as a nod to those who served in his grandfather’s squadron encompassing their call signs. One pilot was shot down and killed a few days before Christmas, 1944. Another was a leading pilot who showed the ropes of operating over the skies of Europe to incoming pilots. Each truck represents a story and soldier to be remembered.

“It is an honor to work with Michael and his team,” said Daryl Clasen, Senior Vice President/Managing Director, CG Detroit. “This project embodies the spirit of our clients. It showcases not only a beautiful, artistic brand but something that has a deeper meaning and impact for anyone who sees one of the vehicles on the road or in their driveway.” 

That impact resonates with Michael as well. “Recently my brother and I went out on a call late at night to replace a water heater. As we said our farewells, we rounded the corner and there on the van was Grandpa watching over us. That’s a very special feeling,” said Michael.

Matheson offers discounts to military veterans, senior citizens and first responders. They serve communities throughout Oakland County and have won countless accolades for their professionalism. For more information visit: www.mathesonheating.com